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I've always taken photos and loved seeing what came of them. From grabbing my father's Polaroid camera and wasting many (expensive!) shots, to getting my first 35mm compact, graduating on to an SLR and then the world of digital, it's been a long and fascinating journey.


Turning professional, I was fortunate to be able to start a studio and have had the privilege of shooting for families, companies and the occasional famous name.


Although I work across many genres, I describe myself as a people photographer first and foremost, focussing on your stories, your memories and your moments.




Outside of the photographic world, I am a classically-trained tenor (although we're not allowed to sing at the moment, are we?), a long-suffering England cricket fan and an even longer-suffering Tottenham Hotspur fan.


A lot of my spare time is spent helping people pronounce my name...


In case you were interested...

I am a qualified member of a number of photographic associations and undertake continuous professional development to ensure that my technique is always up to scratch!

FAVOURITE THINGS - food edition

Some of favourite foodie things, because I don't get to share this kind of image anywhere else... :)

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I'm based just south of Cambridge, UK, but love to travel. I shoot in my studio and on location - let me know what works for you!