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Moon Prism Power!

  Sailor Moon Cosplay with latex from Yummy Gummy Latex. It’s always fun shooting the shiny stuff, even if it can be a nightmare to light. Got to say that this was worth it, though!

e-Luminate Cambridge 2017

  e-Luminate is back in Cambridge and it is wonderful to see light being celebrated and some of the iconic sites of the City lit up in multi-coloured splendour. Here is part of Senate House with me cheekily combining two parts of the light show on a long exposure. Cold hands were worth it…

He’s getting big now…

  …so it’s time to bring on the outfits. Our little little boy enjoying the cosiness of a penguin onesie. I confess I enjoy this kind of baby photography more than babies in bowls, hammocks or potato sacks, but each to their own!

A trip down memory lane…

  As all parents of new babies know, sleepless nights are normal. So, during a recent one, I found myself looking through images of our older boy when he was a baby and this one jumped out at me. These are the kinds of moments I’m so glad I managed to capture!

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